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The Protoss Part 1

* Credit goes to Blizzard, people who made pictures and videos, ect. 
The Daelaam (Protoss Protectorate)

                The mysterious and enigmatic Protoss are one of the eldest and most powerful species of Starcraft. They combine high level technology with their own psionic might, wielding technology nearly incomprehensible to the Terrans. Yet despite this, the Protoss’s destiny is wrought with peril.
                What was once a great Empire has been laid waste by the Zerg, and is now struggling to rebuild itself. Though for the first time the Protoss of the Khala and the Nezarim are unified in purpose, it is a tense alliance, and one that relies on mutually respected leaders and heroes to get anywhere. The Protoss population is on the decline, and they are best on all sides by the insidious breakaway faction the Taldaarim, the tyrannical Terran Dominion and of course their ever present mortal enemies, the Zerg.

                What the Daelaam seek in this tournament is a new beginning, a new start to their empire, this time with unification between their dark and Khalai worshiping brethren. To achieve this they must tread a road fraught with peril, fighting factions that will challenge even their tech advantage, much less their numbers and psionic ability. Yet they stand more then a fair chance, for a Hero has been revived among their number, a great leader that has saved the Protoss before and will do so again....

===Reasons for Protoss Success===

1. The Great Fleet: 

The Great Fleet is the vaunted pride and joy of the Protoss, for in craft and quality they know no equal.  Pound for pound there is not a single faction in Starcraft that can stand up to the Protoss's vaunted Great Fleet. As the Air Combat and Misc Air section demonstrates, there are over 12 different varieties, and Protoss of the Auraga tribe spend their entire lifetimes focusing on piloting.  The Nerazim and Juidcators and even Khalai pilots have also proven exceptional, with the centuries of Protoss life allowing them to hone their skills far beyond a human's capacity. 

2. Psionics
 Every single Protoss is a psionic, naturally capable of telepathy and using Psionic Weapons. Their psionic devices can power their own technology, allowing the use of shields, psi-blades, devastating psi-storms, even giant plasma weaponry. This also gives many Protoss units unlimited or near unlimited ammo, for their weapons are powered either by their own minds, or specialized psionic  crystals with near unlimited power. Traditionally in lore psionic weaponry and attacks  either ignores or is at least highly effective against armor, even armor designed  to withstand nuclear blasts!The Tiniest fragment of a crystal was able to noticably boost the power of a Terran Battlecruiser.  Also EVERY SINGLE PROTOSS is capable of reading and even affecting  minds of anyone that does not have specialized technology to prevent this or are better psionics. In lore this makes them much harder to sneak up on, but not impossible, as each Protoss is a basic detector. 

3. High Quality Armies
"The protoss are so far beyond us. We must seem amoeboid to them." _Egon Stetman, Terran Scientist   Protoss technology is far advanced from the Terrans of their sector, and even more then many races of the tournament. They can teleport warriors away at the moment of death so that they can be fitted in advanced cybernetic armor, have autonomous probes and giant death walkers intelligently doing their bidding, and are even able to warp in whole vehicles from other planets over. 

 In addition to that are the Protoss themselves. The lowest training level for a Protoss as far as I can tell is 5, with many getting 6 or 7 and with good reason. They train and dedicate their lives to combat and their task, the defense of the Khala. Every single Protoss warrior is going into battle with more training then all but thebest of most enemy forces.  
4. Ease of Deployment/Logistics

And that is another big benefit of the Protoss. They can deploy just about anywhere one of their pylons/warp prisms can provide power just about instantly. Whether it be troops warping in, Ships passing through Stargates, even Motherships warping in massive armies unto the enemies base- the Protoss can just really deploy fast and nearly  anywhere. Lightning fast strikes can occur from segments of land hundreds of miles away from the front lines and pressed bases can get reinforcements within moments. 

5. Group Cohesion: 

 One of the Greatest Benefits of the Protoss is that all units, whether they be Nerazim or Khalai, air or ground, are trained and sometimes built to operate with other units. For example the Zealots aren't meant to charge alone, and can frequently be found with Stalker, Dragoon or Sentry support. Enemy tries running away from the zealots? Sentry forcefields appear to keep them fenced in. The enemy attempts to use massed infantry to take out all the zealots before they hit their lines? High Templars appear with Psionic Storms.  Big Protoss capital ships need support? Phoenixes and Corsairs appear. It goes on and on, as the Protoss constantly aid  and compliment each other in a myriad of ways. *

* That is the lore explanation. Game-play wise most of these units were tailor made by Blizzard to fulfill specific purposes, agendas, and aspects of an army, and were continually tweaked over long betas and patches until they all worked together.  This is why Blizzard games take years to come out. 


                The Protoss are certainly one of the better factions at reconnaissance, if only because the ability to passively read other’s minds even when out of sight makes it both hard for others to sneak up on them, and easy for them to pierce the thoughts of the beings they are spying on (see additional factors).  If they were to capture a foe, interrogation would be extremely easy once language barriers could be breached (which doesn't take that long for the Protoss).   It is also extremely difficult for an enemy to eavesdrop on their communication, as it is either done telepathically or through the Protoss language Khalani, which sounds like meaningless grunts to other languages and Protoss have to consciously allow outsiders in for them to be understood.  They can widen their thoughts onto a whole audience or  focus it on one person. I'll say it once ; it is EXTREMELY difficult for any opponent to gain any worthwhile information about their plans, abilities (other then they are telepathic), capabilities or any of that stuff, from sneaking around, as Protoss would sense them psionically.  This however is just the tip of the iceberg.

                Protoss possess a certain breed of aircraft, known as the observer, that is both permanently cloaked and a built in with an array of detection, capable of seeing even the Zerg spores on a Terran. The Daelaam will use these vessels to scout enemy positions, gathering information on troop movements, defensive placements, and general activity. It is a non-combat scout however, and must be careful when dealing with characters with the technology to sense it. The Protoss have also been known to use fast moving flyers to quickly take in opponent’s information and then flee back to the safety of the base, with key examples being the phoenix, scout or corsair. Being Psionic, any information they find is instantly sent back to the fellow  Protoss (doesn't matter if they are Khalai or Nerazim, both sides can do it), meaning there is really no point in chasing after the scout - he already has the information. They can also send out cheap autonomous probes out in all direction to find an enemy that way. 

Then there is the Oracle,a Protoss Air Unit with a move called "Revelation" . This puts a psionic trace on those under a certain area, revealing everything they do, regardless of position, for a limited time. 

                When it comes to sabotage the Dark Templars excel. The Nezarim have spent the last millennia stealthily observing events from afar, having to remain cloaked lest their Protoss Conclave brethren slay them on sight.  They can bend light around their bodies, and are the perfect assassins and saboteurs, being used against to kill the Zerg Cerebrates and Protoss Conclave guards in the first Great War. With their devastating warp blades and psionic powers, they can reap untold amounts of havoc, and some even know how to teleport (“blink”).

                The Stalkers can go hand in hand with the Dark Templars. They can use short range teleportation to suddenly appear within the enemies ranks, wreak havoc, then disappear as fast as they came. Another tactic is to utilize the Warp Prisim to teleport in units. Protoss minds and forms can be connected to the Warp Matrix, and once this is hooked up the Warp Prism can slide sneakily warp in units at points within the enemies defenses, instituting much havoc when they attack. Finally it is possible for an Arbiter to either sneak forces into an enemy base through cloaking, or suddenly teleport them there through Mass Recall. 


Weapon Type: Psi Blades
Armor Type: Power Suit
 Mobility: 7.5
 Training: 7 (train, prepare themselves incessantly)
Max Range: Lunging Range
Preferred Range: Melee
Classification: Close Quarters specialist
--Basic Description:

^^as the above said, however ill add onto it. Protoss Zealots are low-ranking Templars who have yet to progress to the highest stage through experience.  Their training has only been increased in passion and intensity since the Fall of Aiur, and Zealots now include brutal duels in their sessions.  They form the backbone of the Protoss military.

- Ranged: None
 - Melee: Psi Blades:

Protoss zealots wield devastating blades of psionic energy, shown capable of shredding Zerg and Terran power armor as if it were nothing, even being effective against buildings and vehicles!  From reading the books the only thing I have not seen them carve through is Kerrigan’s wings (that was Zeratul’s warp blades), though presumably heavy armor would suffice in slowing/stopping it. However these blades can be charged further, either through the powers of the suit or a Protoss’s own psionic power. Protoss are highly skilled warriors by default, and even the Protoss equivalent of a librarian (who never served in combat, but knew of Protoss martial arts) was more then a match for one of the best (non-ghost) human assassins- while possessing a slow human body! In lore Zealots are more then a match for dozens of zerglings, usually only dying because they get completely and utterly overwhelmed. Hell in lore a new recruit was even able to take out a Ultralisk by himself!
If caught unarmed a Protoss may use their sharp claws as weapons, which can easily rip flesh. 
 - Defense: Plasma Energy Shields, Zealot Power Suit, other
Plasma Energy Shield: The plasma shield is a protoss defense method created by a blend of psionic power and technology. The technological aspect renders them vulnerable to EMP effects, however it also drastically extends Zealot’s longevity. In order to damage or kill a Zealot, this energy shield must be drained first, and then the foe needs to contend with limited zealot pre-cog and power suit. This Plasma shield recharges when out of combat.  Most of the time this was done through the result of a psi-field generator, but strong enough Protoss such as Archons could replicate their shields solely through psionic energy.

Despite the zealot being a base unit and probably having one of the weakest shields overal, its shields are pretty powerful with scans showing it deflecting Hydralisk spines and Marine spikes.   Protoss Zealots can use it as a ramming device, with one powerful shield actually killing several Zerglings in Starcraft : Twilight. 

Links :

 Power Suit: The suit consists of a series of overlapping segmented shells providing flexibility and protection. The throat and back are left bare to allow for full movement. The armor is effective against small-arms, as well as glancing blows by Zerg. The suit may be configured to provide full life support in vacuum or hostile environments (via a crystaline respirator) and nuclear/biological/chemical (NBC) shielding. A transceiver to communicate without telepathy may also be fitted. The suit enhances and channels the psionic powers of the wearer. Psionic blades may manifest through bracers worn on the forearms.
In addition to this, Protoss can use precognition to preemptively dodge some attacks. They are also considered pure of form by the Xel’Naga, and are physically tougher to put down even unarmored. They are very adaptable and possess three hearts to ensure the maximum amount of blood flows. Finally they are trained to ignore pain whenever possible, and are a hardier species then Terrans, with one prominent Zealot warrior even able to ignore point blank Terran pistol to an unarmored spot. In another example in Liberty's Crusade, a Protoss Zealot was able to shrug off dozens of Hydralisk Spikes and their poison (which can pass through Neosteel) to kill said Hydralisk. 

Standard Terran practice of dealing with Protoss is massed fire. 
 -Special:  Psionic Powers:
 Zealots have numerous psychic powers, as they can channel the powers of the Khala. They can read others minds with ease, and call upon the Khala to discipline and calm their own minds. Another huge advantage is the ability to “talk” to others via telepathy, and thus a completely silent Zealot troupe is also perfectly coordinated. Zealots have limited precognition abilities to predict enemy movements, striking with deadly accuracy and dodging attacks, sometimes planning it by mere inches.  This is only strengthened thanks to their ability to read enemy minds in combat, something that ALL Protoss units have (see additional information). Some Zaealots can even mentally interfere with the opponent's mind in battle, such as forcing an opponent to relieve bad memories. Recently Zealots have managed to learn the ability called "charge", which allows them to move faster then they already are (and they were already seen as blurs to humans prior to the upgrade) and the ability to further enhanced that already enhanced speed for a limited time, quickly crossing hundreds of meters in blurs to ordinary humans.  These zealots often have cybernetic implants within thier legs, which allows them to do this. 

--Additional Factors:
-Second Chance/Teleportation:  The teleportation matrix teleports the zealot away at the moment of death, however this isn’t the end of the story. Such is the passion of the zealots for combat and the desire to protect their race that many will choose to reincarnate themselves into dragoons or Immortals. Thus the reinforcement rate for those two units relies on how many zealots are slain. Teleportation mechanisms can be activated manually, making it more difficult, but not impossible, for enemy races to take Zealots hostage.
- Entirely battle focused: As the novel the Queen of Blades shows, when Zealots are not training, they are meditating on past and future exploits.

- Peak Performance: In the novel Queen of Blades Zealots could move/run  so fast that to normal humans they seem like blurs, were agile enough to leap over dunes and climb hills with ease, were much taller and stronger than average humans,  and are martial arts masters.They train for decades in tactics, pain tolerance and martial discipline, and have reached superhuman points with all three. In combat some can their blades so fast that Terrans don't even perceive the blow, not even as a blur! Also Protoss by nature have good eyesight, hearing and smell, even being able to see through soot and smoke no problem!

 For a description of Protoss Templar Caste training
"The Protoss Templar train constantly to maintain their fighting skills even during times of peace, rare as they are. Strategic wargames are carried out with a combination of real troops and hallucinations, and battlefields are chosen to allow the combatants an opportunity to hone a variety of tactical skills. This particular battlefield is a prime example and has been used for many inter-tribal competitions."

- Zealotry: A reason they got their name is because they are religious zealots. They are fanatical and nearly unbreakable warriors, who shall fight to the death even when grievously outnumbered. Yet in spite of that they are extremely well disciplined, and will follow orders as rigidly and perfectly as any other unit. 

-Role: Melee Specialist, Assault Warrior

Dark Templars

Weapon Type: Warp Blades
Armor Type:  Light Plated Armor
 Mobility: 6.5
 Training: 6.4 Dark Templars do not have the state sponsored training of the Khalai, however they nevertheless train and travel with their own warrior bands.
Max Range: Melee (Blades)
Preferred Range: Melee (Blades)  
Classification: Infiltration specialist
--Basic Description: 
"Though we strike at you from the shadows, do not think that we lack the courage to stand in the light." -Zeratul
The Dark Templars are the warriors of the Nezarim, who bring powerful warp blades into battle, in addition to their own psionic powers. The Nezarim reject the Khala and focus on the traits of individuality, freethinking and independence. This is reflected in their fighting style, where they usually use their powers for infiltrations rather than frontline combat. Nevertheless they are skilled at conventional warfare.

- Ranged: None
 - Melee: Warp Blades : The Warp Blade is a far advanced version of the Psi Blade. Warp Blades warp the space around them, they don't damage an object by cutting into it, but rather by inserting a void into anything that crosses their path. This causes the flowing/distortion effect, and explains why the Warp Blade is far more devastating than Zealot blades. Some Dark Templars are known to carry scythes, while others prefer blades.  Like the Zealots they would have natural claws. 

 - Defense:  
Psionic Shield (see  Zealots profile)
We unfortunately don’t know much about Dark Templar armor except that it was blockier and heavier than Zealot armor (from novel Queen of Blades) while still allowing them to move pretty fast. Protoss are also have a higher base durability then humans, as shown in the Zealot profile. 
 -Special:  Void Powers
The main technique of the Dark Templar is the ability to bend light around them  or as they put it “merge with the shadows” in order to effectively render them near invisible.  Dark Templar invisibility is even able to confuse powerful individuals like Sarah Kerrigan, and even allows some few Dark Templars to suddenly disappear and reappear in another location (teleport). Others can create illusions, though these are rare in number or create concentrated blasts of psionic energy. The vast majority can just go invisible though, and only very powerful scanners can see through this (see additional factors). Cloaked units in Starcraft can actually pass through forcefields, by virtue of the forcefield not detecting them!

They can even create psionic storms, though they cannot control them and thus will not use them unless none of their kin are around, they have enough charge time and are near death.
 Finally all Dark Templars can read minds. This is a constant for all Protoss.

--Additional Factors:
-Role: Espionage, Infiltration, Assassination, specialized infantry
Alright since many people have argued on what can and can’t detect Dark Templars, I am going to post a list of confirmed equipment that both can and can’t detect cloaked units in Starcraft when they are cloaked.

- Doesn’t Work:
--Telepathy from a less or equal  powerful being (in Starcraft beings of greater psychic power can shield themselves from less powerful being while cloaked, preventing detection. Given that the Dark Templar have been hiding for a millennia against their Khalai kin, powerful psychers to boot, and indeed were taught how to cloak so they could hide from them in the first place,  I’d say you would have to be a pretty powerful psychic to detect  them).
--Infra-red vision (Marines could not detect ghosts, Starcraft spectres)
--limited motion detectors of the Marine or Ghost  suit (*NOTE*: The Stronger motion detectors of the Spider Mines can apparently detect)
-- plain sight
--  Handheld Terran Life Scanners
--The Targeting assistance of a marine suit
--The Personnel scanners on a Ghost Suit (Starcraft: Spectres)
--Scans that work on detecting light 
--Heat Vision that can see through walls (ghost suit was unable to detect Spectres)
-- Personnel Radar

--Highly Evolved Eyes (the Zerg Overseer can detect the Dark Templar through its own ocular evolutions, which allow it to easily detect subtle motions)
--The Concentrated scanners of a Terran Orbital Command (Comsat) Center (what this entails, Starcraft leaves unsaid). So heavy duty scanners*
-----* In an interesting aside it seems that information from Terran Comstats hook directly into their targeting sensors, though even then they appear as weird outlines.  This would explain in game how scanning an area with a satellite all the suddenly gives all nearby units “vision” over the Dark Templar.

--The Radar of a radar tower can give the cloaked person’s general but not exact position
--Telepathy (iffy. Dark Templars actually bend shadows around them, unlike the Ghost/Predator method which is mere camouflage. In the novel Queen of Blades even Kerrigan had difficulties detecting Zeratul, though ultimately she was able to.)
-- High Tech Motion scanners from several spider mines working in unison to combine their sensory.

-Individuality: Driven by individuality and a thirst for knowledge, the Nerazim developed along a very different path than the Khalai. They remain willful and often fiercely independent, with their closest allegiance being first to clannish warrior bands and then to the Nerazim, the great tribe to which all Dark Templar belong. By their nature the Nerazim are a diverse group of freethinkers motivated by their regard for one another and tribal bonds rather than abstract notions of authority. Different clans take great pains to distinguish themselves through variations in weapons, armor, markings, and dress. Regardless of clan, reputation and personal responsibility are paramount in the eyes of any Nerazim: individuals must always be accountable for their actions. As a result, deeds rather than words act as the dark templar's guide. Individual clans can be prone to feuding and rivalry, but they are quick to band together against a common threat, such as that presented by the zerg.
- Strong Will:  In conjunction with this, Dark Templar warriors have exceptionally strong wills. This will make it harder, but not impossible as a daemonic entity showed, for factions like Chaos to control them.
- The Khala and Dark Templar cannot communicate as easily telepathically as the Khala can within their own group. Most of the time they must speak their own language.
- Peak Performance:  See Zealot
- Teleportation Matrix/Second Chance : Based on showings in game, Dark Templars also seem to have the ability to teleport permanently out of combat upon near death like the Zealot. Also like the Zealot, they might get the ability to have a second chance for battle, as their “shadow essence” is absorbed and put into a cybernetic Stalker (see Light Calvary) allowing them to continue the fight.

- Training Element: Shadow Walk: The Shadow Walk is an element of Dark Templar culture and training that Protoss must pass it before officially becoming a Dark Templar. It requires the aspirant to walk down a valley and keep only to the shadows, out of which Dark Templar will spring unexpectedly to assault him/her. Those who make it to the end of the valley without being incapacitated pass the test.


High Templar

Weapon Type:  Psionic Powers
Armor Type: Light Body Suit
Max Range:  (Lore) Line of Sight
Proffered Range:  See Above
Mobility: 5
Training : 7.7
Classification:  Psionic Support
Basic Description:
High templar are veteran Templar who forgo the rage and traditional forms of combat common to zealots in order to better develop their psionic powers into potent tools and weapons through the Khala. Although they are equipped with light armor suits and sometimes through them, psionic blades, this is not their standard form of attack.
-Ranged Weapons:  Psionic Discharge: 

 For personal ranged combat, Some Protoss Templars have been known to charge up devastating bolts of psionic energy that can wreck vehicles or explode minds.
-Melee: Some Protoss Templars still carry their psi blades (see zealots) or can form it via psionics. Also natural claws of course. 
Psionic Shields (see Zealots)

The light armor suit is a scaled down version of the standard protoss power suit worn by high templar. The suit provides limited protection against small-arms. It may be configured with full life support, limited nuclear/biological/chemical (NBC) protection, and a transceiver to communicate without telepathy. These suits are less bulky and more intricately designed than their power suit counterparts. Like other forms of  Protoss armor, teleportation matrixes are built into it.
-Special :  High Templars are Psychic masters of the Protoss, and have the following powers. As a rule, all Psychic attacks in Starcraft ignore conventional armor(though still must bypass energy shields and the like).
- -Psionic Storms: 

Protoss who follow the Khala can produce such a storm by closing their mind to the outside world, sending out psychic "ripples" that are disruptive to other lifeforms, tearing apart their brains. Such storms will also destroy  vehicles and the landscape itself, and in the novel Shadow Hunters it is shown that uncontrolled storms once devastated Auir. In the novel Twilight it is shown that these storms also temporarily jam certain types of communication, such as the electronic types that the Terrans use. Such is the power of a psionic storm that it can send shockwaves through the air around it, so not even air foes can escape! In  lore one of these storms was able to cover half a valley, decimating everything inside, with Shadow Hunter mentioning even bigger storms miles around. However presumably it would take a great deal of preparation and control to summon such a storm -for with none the Protoss themselves would be in danger (as they were in that novel). 
(As the video shows they could be used very effectively with the Sentry, which is previewed in the support section). 


A more subtle power is the ability for high templar to create illusory duplicates of other objects. While these phantoms have no substance and cannot affect the material world, they are useful to confuse and divert the attention of the protoss' enemies. They can even make it appear like they are taking fire.  In lore Tassadar was able to project his face over a Hydralisk to trick Kerrigan into killing it, and also could project himself into seeming like an ordinary zealot to avoid attention.
 Some known applications of the Hallucination spell include: 

----- Scouts/Vision: Airborne units like Phoenixes may be hallucinated as scouts, and the High Templar can see what they see. A hallucinated Collossus will be able to see everything a real colossus can see. 
----- Damage Soakers: If the enemy has no advanced scanners to tell the difference, massive hallucinated units like the Archon or Immortal can soak up tons of damage. 
----- Fool the enemy: Through mass hallucinations the Protoss could fool the enemy into thinking they are going one thing (like lets say a ton of immortals) while they are really going to assault with a massed fleet of airships. 
--Feedback: This is one of the most unique forms of Protoss weaponry, because, even though it is powered by the psychic strength of the High Templar, it actually uses the energy contained within the enemy unit to damage itself — and that energy can take many, many forms such as psionic, biological (infestor) , or even vehicle energy. Can be done on any any unit with such energy, with the chance to put them out of commission for a while. 

--Psionic Bolt: They could hit a enemy with a powerful psionic bolt, which would both damage them and push them back.
Some Templars also had the following spell:
-Plasma Surge : Restores Plasma shields, if depleted, around them.

Then can also read other’s minds with ease and communicate mentally over great distances. They can also do a sort of half-mind control, like Tassadar did on Char to Raynor, in which Tassadar controlled his body temporarily though Raynor controlled conscious thought, though this isn't common (and its nothing compared to the Dark Archon’s move).  They also usually travel by floating, as they are powerful enough at Telekinesis to constantly propel themselves, showing that they can utilize that as well. 

- Khaydarin Amulet:  Actually an item rather then a power, High Templars  may also wear amulets carved from khaydarin crystals to improve their connection with the Khala and thus channel their psionic abilities with greater efficiency. Essentially with this they can cast more spells. 
- Last resort: As a last resort  such as if the High Templars are exhausted or hard-pressed they can combine their energy to form a massive archon (see below)
Additional Factors:
--Teleportation Matrix : (see Zealot)
- Psionic Mastery: High Templar uses the archives to directly commune with their ancient ancestors and thereby gain knowledge inaccessible to ordinary warriors. They may also wear amulets carved from khaydarin crystals to improve their connection with the Khala and thus channel their psionic abilities with greater efficiency. With the exception of the archons, they wield the most powerful attacks.
- Fusion: High Templars can fuse with either their Dark Templar cousins or High Templars  powerful archons or potentially a Twilight Archon. Lore-wise this transformation doesn't take very long. 
- Peak Condition: see zealots

- Leaders: Given their large amount of experience and with the near destruction of the Judicator class, High Templars have begun to serve as the teachers and leaders of their people. Often they will lead squads of lesser Protoss warriors into battle.
- Protected : These units are often surrounded and protected   by other warriors,  who give them the time needed to charge their spells.

Archons (Three Types)

Weapon Type:  Psionic Shockwave
Armor Type:  Psionic Shields (massive)
Max Range:  Line of Sight
Proffered Range:  Pistol (regular archon)
Mobility:  3
Training : 9.2 (combines the training of two extraordinarily long lived individuals and boosts power immensely for a short period)
 Classification: Psionic Shock Trooper

Basic Description:
Although their abilities are already impressive, High Templar and Dark Templar can wield even greater might by laying down their lives to merge their souls and form Archons. These unified Protoss spirits radiate incalculable power, unleashing psionic barrages against cowering enemy forces both in the air and on the ground. With the reunification of the Protoss race, any pair of High Templar or Dark Templar, or even one of each, can be fused together. The Protoss are loath to sacrifice their loyal warriors, but those who make this final commitment are forever honored in the memories of their people.
Of course there does exist two further variations of this. The Dark Archon is a child of two Dark Templar merging together, creating a being that can wreak havoc on enemy foes via its prodigious spell casting. Then there is the unicorn Twilight Archon, only done once through lore, that is powerful enough to count as a hero unit.
-Ranged Weapons:  Psionic Shockwave (Regular  and Twilight versions) : Psionic shockwaves are streams of concentrated, destructive psionic energy that can tear apart the heaviest of armor with ease. It has a large enough radius to kill multiple foes.
-Melee:  See above
-Defense: Massive Psionic Shield (all versions) : The Archon is essentially a creature of pure energy, and its psionic shield is extremely powerful. It’s so powerful that its way  beyond an infantry shield and in fact beyond the shields of most vehicles.  Even EMP blasts have trouble taking it down (though eventually they will take it down). This is a huge reason the Archon lives long enough to make it to close quarters, where it devastates.
 Underneath all that they do have plate armor, but it won’t stand up for long to heavy fire.
-Special : Variants:  Now that the main variant of Archon has been described,  it is time to detail the other two.

Dark Archon:

"Fear not, comrades, for we have archons of our own! Should the dire need arise, all Dark Templar may merge to become Dark Archons. Though we sacrifice our warriors in doing so, only the might of the Dark Archons can match the forces of Aldaris!" – Zeratul
Whereas the regular archon is a more focused on damage and mass destruction, the Dark Archon is primarily a spellcaster , possessing the following powers.
--Feedback: See High Templar profile
--Maelstrom: It consists of a surge of mental energy, temporarily immobilizing a group of organisms over a wide area (potentially being hundreds of yards) . Those caught in the area of effect are unable to move, fire or use powers for a short amount of time.  
                                       (best video I could find of spell in action)
-- Mind Control : Although subtle use of psionics to influence others has long been utilized by the Judicator Caste, the ability to totally control the minds or bodies of others has long been thought to be impossible. This power of command is the ultimate weapon in the arsenal of the Dark Archon. Through an immense expenditure of will and energy, the Dark Archon projects a portion of its psychic essence into any material being, absorbing both the knowledge and powers of those who call themselves enemies of the Protoss. Dark Archons can even mind control the whole crew of combat vessels, though presumably this would result in a greater expenditure of energy. In this way Protoss are able to extend their control over whole transports worth of units and even capital ships. Naturally given that you can't mind control Kerrigan I'd imagine that a high strength of mind or willpower will aid in resisting outright/fighting off mind control. 
Dark Archons must be specifically allowed by the Head of the Dark Templars (Zeratul, Mohandar) in order to be created. 

-- In the novel Shadow Hunters one extremely powerful dark archon was able to create tentacles that disintegrate on touch, could cast nets of darkness, create blasts of dark energy and even teleport short distances.  -- Argus Talisman : Part of the inventory rather then a spell, this talisman is used to enhance their psionic proficiency, allowing them to use more spells. 

Finally there is one variant, done only once in lore, that might be the most powerful of them all.
Twilight Archon:

This powerful creature, requiring a specific transformation, proved to be overpowering even to a horde of Zerg.  So far it has only been done when a High Templar cut off from the Khala and reought the powers of the Void (Dark Templar psionics) merged with a High  Templar , and thus for purposes of the tournament will only be able to be done through that method (to be honest it was probably done on accident). Essentially one of the two individuals needs to know both the powers of the Void and the Khala, which are called in lore "Twlights" and are unicorn rare. The Twilight Archon, being a fusion of the two halves of the Protoss species, carries with it a variety of powers including
-- Psionic Shockwaves of the regular archon
--Psionic Storms more powerful than what the high Templar can dish out. In fact these Storms were so powerful and vast they could be seen from Space! 
-- Can Teleport objects
A Dark Templar commander who looked on called this creature “the future”.  And they kind of are, for they do something only Tassadar and Adun have been able to repeat; use the powers of both the Nezarim and the Khalai with full efficiency.  Essentially this type of Archon is going to be have the rarity of the sighting of a long extinct animal, but when they do emerge.....the Protoss win whatever battle they are engaged in. May not win the war due to lack of sustainability, but battle certainly. 

Additional Factors:
--Formation Requirements:
----Archon (presumably most common) : Can be done via 2 High Templars, 2 Dark Templars or a High and Dark Templar merging together.
----Dark Archon: Can only be done via 2 Dark Templars merging together, presumably through a different ritual then above.
---- Twilight Archon : A high Templar, and a Protoss who knows both Khala and Void. 

--Sacrifice requirement: The creation of an archon is a serious affair for it requires the reluctant sacrifice of valuable Templars for a short-term gain. For this reason the creation of any Archon is not something to be done lightly and they are not nearly as common as High Templars.That is also why starting out there will initially be NO Archons, for these powerful creatures will need to be formed in battle (though obviously even one Archon will make a huge effect on whatever battle they join in). 
--Short Term Gain: Archons burn like stars and will burn out in a fairly short time (though no specific time frame is given, I would assume something ranging from a few hours to even days) . So when Archons are deployed expect them to be used immediately.
-- Fear Factor: Through battlefield contact, Archons gradually work up a aura of fear in their enemies, with even Zerg being somewhat reluctant to engage them.
-- Purity of Emotions: Archons are all about one emotion, whether it is rage for the traditional Archon or wrath for the Dark Archon. Presumably Twilight Archon would be a mixture of both.


 Prelate Zeratul

Height: 7 ft?
Weight: ???
Age:  650~
Training : 8.5
Type of Hero Bonus: Spec Ops, Badassery 
Classification:  Mysterious infiltrator
Role: Tactical Commander (see additional factors) 
 "I have journeyed through the darkness between the most distant stars. I have beheld the births of negative-suns and borne witness to the entropy of entire realities..."
Arguably the most prominent Protoss, Zeratul is a phenomenal Warrior and assassin. He is both a lone wolf fighter and yet one of those destined to help unify his race (in Legacy of the Void).  

 Zeratul is a master tactician, particularly where it comes to stealth operations. In fact almost all of his missions, his actions, are based around stealth, whether it’s from infiltrating the Conclave and saving the Tassadar at the right moment, to tricking and then killing the Cerebrate Zasz, to essentially killing the entire Zerg Command Structure (except Kerrigan and the FIRST  Overmind, who Tassadar suicide bombed) .

Melee: Warp Blade (see Dark Templar)
Defense: (see Dark Templar- but relatively little)
Special: Psionic Powers
First of all Zeratul has all the powers found in the Dark Templar profile- telepathy, blink/teleporting, cloaking,  can create illusions  and the ability to shoot concentrated psionic energy bolts- in addition to a huge list that can essentially be called “shadow-bending”. This enables him to bend shadows to induce a variety of effects, all shown in the novel “Queen of Blades”

--blanket his own movements, enshroud himself in almost complete darkness
--amp up his speed to move so fast that not even Raynor’s targeting systems can keep up (in fact he moved faster than Raynor could blink)
--somehow extend the darkness between his hands to cut a flying mutalisk in half, though this effort exhausted him
--cast “darkness nets” onto nearby flyers which tightly wrapped onto them and caused them to collapse to the Earth
--use Darkness as a armor to stop Kerrigan’s talons (which had previously bypassed Protoss armor and shields in a single blow) from killing him (though he could not stop the blow from hurting him)
-- Imprison a creature in a Void Prison, where it cannot move or attack for a brief amount of time, but Zeratul and other Protoss can attack it.This Void Prison can also be used to neutralize detectors. 
-- He can also psionically empower his voice to where it caused regular zerg to collapse in immense pain.  Even did this to a human once. 

Void Seeker: 

- Zeratul has his own personnel ship, the Void Seeker, that can carry him and his own band of followers (at least up to a hundred) around. The ship is naturally cloaked to enemy forces, and can be hidden via illusions that can last months at a time, even in the middle of enemy territory! This ship will help him immensely at stealth-infiltrating enemy bases. The ship also has two unique abilities. 

---Psitrous Oxide: Increases the speed of the Void Seeker and causes it to leave shadows, allowing for a quick get away. 

---Throw Void Sphere: Fires a mine at a single ground unit, doing such damage that it essentially destroys them. 

Additional Factors: 

"We learn, we dark templar. It is what has kept us alive,‖ he said quietly. ―We learned much when we were on Aiur, and we never forgot who we were. We learned from Adun that shadow and light are illusions, and how to clothe ourselves in them so that others see what we wish them to see. We learned from the cold darkness of the very Void itself knowledge and skills that we have mastered, skills that enabled us to work against the zerg in a way that other protoss could not. We learned from the zerg and their queen the price of trust too lightly given.

-From the humans, I have learned that it is possible to be willing to die for others. Others who are not friends, as might be expected, nor even of one‘s own race. James Raynor was willing to die to protect Shakuras from the zerg. He knew he would be stranded on the deadly side of the gate, and yet he willingly undertook that risk. And you stand here, Jacob Jefferson Ramsey,bearing Zamara. You do not even know her secret, yet I have touched your mind, and if it came to it, you, too, would give your very life for it."

- Is a master of Protoss Psionics, as demonstrated by his seeming shadow bending.
- Personality: A somewhat secretive and calculating character, Zeratul is nevertheless a venerable and wise leader who is honorable and loyal to his species. He would gladly risk anything to safeguard Aiur. During the Great War, Zeratul allied with the Khalai Tassadar, despite his hatred for the Protoss Conclave that once banished his forebears. During the dire events leading up to the evacuation of Aiur, he also convinced the Khalai Protoss that his brethren, the dark templar, would be more welcoming of sheltering their estranged brethren in their lightless homeworld Shakuras in contrast to the consistently hostile attitudes of the Conclave towards his people. He knows that though he is scorned by the very same people who look to him for salvation, he is aware of what must be done to save the universe, and must still lead his people to salvation. He is also depicted as patient, tolerant and far-sighted: when Zeratul first met Tassadar, he refused to take offense even though he was attacked by the wary Protoss commander, even attempting to teach Tassadar the art of combat (while avoiding being struck). Eventually Zeratul overcame Tassadar's prejudice, beginning to heal the rifts between the Khalai and the Dark Templar. The two leaders (and Jim Raynor) came to an understanding, joined forces and hid from the Zerg. He often speaks in riddles, preferring that others come up with the answers to the questions he puts forward rather than answering them himself. He excels at thinking outside the box. 

However he is given to melancholy, and is in the midst of a deep depression after being forced to kill his Protoss Matriarch Razaghall.
- Hundreds of years of experience and is probably the greatest duelist of the Protoss now that Tassadar is dead.
- Peak Performance (see Zealot- but beyond that actually. Zeratul’s punches can crack Protoss armor and move faster than Terran targeting systems can track).
- Zeratul has a habit of speaking in riddles as an attempt to test other characters.
- Role: Tactical Commander: In conjunction with the strategic commander, the tactical commander sat on the lower end of the hierarchy but exhibits much greater control over the movement of troops and what they do. In essence, the strategic commander (often his superior authority) states what he wants done and how he wants it done, and the tactical commander sees to it how it is accomplished. In particular Zeratul is a master of leading the Nerazim, though he is quite capable of leading a combined force.
-- Master Infiltrator and Assassin - can even bypass detectors at times lorewise. 

Admiral Urun

Height: Unknown
Weight:  Unknown
Age:  Unknown
Training: 6
Type of Hero Bonus: Shipmaster, powerful combatent
Classification:  Control of the fleet, Leader
Role: Delegate
"Your timing is impeccable, Admiral Urun! When the enemy takes to the air, we will need your support." - Zeratul
Urun is the leader of the Auriga Tribe and a member of the Hierarchy. He wishes to retake Aiur for the glory of the protoss, and is in charge over much of the Protoss fleet. In battle wields a modified phoenix which is stronger than the other variants.

Ranged:  (See Phoenix profile – much  stronger variant)
Melee :  None
Defense: (see Phoenix profile – much stronger variant)
Special: (see Phoenix profile- Graviton Beam)

Additional Factors: 
- Role: Delegate:
 Not usually a very effective command structure, this represents three or more individuals in a community of shared, equal power members all sharing the same responsibilities, though prominent members may have certain emergency or veto powers. Each supposedly representing a group within those involved with the military. Most often, larger strategic measures and decisions are put up to a vote and is up for debate and discussion, while the other members have more immediate tactical command over different branches or structures. The Protoss  six-person Hierarchy are an example of this, however Artanis is the overall supreme commander with both the most power and the most influence. While I doubt he could oppose the entire rest of the council if allied against him, he can nevertheless insert a formidable amount of political influence. 
- Hierarch council:  Admiral Urun is one of the six who makes decisions for the Protoss as a whole. Naturally they won’t deploy directly unless absolutely necessary.
-- Personality Wise : Admiral Urun will be one of the more aggressive individuals of the Council, believing that Protoss expansion  and reclamation are necessary to the survival of the species. He was very passionate in this ideals, and will likely advocate the more aggressive and militant approaches for these  battles. 

Prelate Mohandar

Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown - old by Protoss standards
Training: 6
Type of Hero Bonus:  Experience, Unit Leader
Classification:  Dark Templar Leader
Role: Delegate 
 Mohandar is the elderly leader of the Nerazim and member of the Hierarchy. On occasion when forced to battle he rides a modified Void Ray.

Ranged:  See Void Ray- but better!
Melee: None, though as a Dark Templar he might have a Warp Blade
Defense: See Void Ray- but Better!
Special: See Void Ray- in game he can fully charge his beam faster then a regular Void Ray

Additional Factors: 
-Personality Traits:  Mohandar is known for being quit and inscrutable, observing all facts available to him behind a visage of calm.He does not reveal secrets, even to Artanis, unless he feels its necessary. He is clever even by Protoss standards.  When it comes to deciding things however, he can usually be persuaded by someone he respects- Zeratul and Artanis among them.  
-Hierarch council:  Mohandar  is one of the six who makes decisions for the Protoss as a whole. Naturally they won’t deploy directly unless absolutely necessary.
- Role:
(see Admiral Urun) 

Executor Selendis

Height: 3m
Weight:  unknown
Age:  Unknown
Training: 7.5
Type of Hero Bonus:  Commander, Inspired Leader
Classification:  Leadership/Command
“ Selendis represents the best and brightest of what the Protoss can be--fiercely loyal to her race's ideals, completely dedicated and focused beyond any mere human capacity."
Selendis was a student of Artanis. In the reorganization following the Great War she was promoted to executor, acting as Artanis' assistant and commanding the combined military forces of the protoss. Selendis has led charges before as a zealot, however she also has a personnel carrier.

Selendis is Artanis's second in command, and the probably the player character of the Protoss Brood War campaign.  She is the one who successfully commanded  the Protoss in the Dark Days following the loss of Auir (Well she was the tactical commander) and scored many victories against the United Earth Directorate (Terrans) , Aldaris and Ulzeraj (Protoss- both sects) and even the Zerg!

Ranged:  None regular, Carrier: interceptors (see air section)
Melee: Psi Blades – Zealot form. Selendis is an exceptionally good combatent, able to kill several dozen Zerglings all rushing at her at once without breaking a sweat or suffering wounds. 
Defense: Plasma shields, zealot armor- Zealot form ; Carrier plating and plasma shields – in Carrier form
Special: Zealot psionic powers; interceptor build (see Carrier profile)
 Selendis has a much tougher Carrier then the standard model
Additional Factors: 

- Experienced Commander: She was probably the commander in Starcraft 1: Brood War, and has led many actions against the Zerg and Terrain (though she was beaten by Jim Raynor)
- One of the three known Protoss females to rise to a position of power, and the only Khalai, which shows a great deal about her abilities as the Khalai are notoriously sexist.
- Personality: Unfortunately not too much is known about Selendis the individual. What has been shown is that she is extremely disciplined, able to keep a cool head in nearly all situations, even when heavily outnumbered by the Zerg and surrounded on all sides, without the ability to call for reinforcements. She was exceptionally clever in this situation, manipulating the Protoss leaders to allow her there in the first place and then manipulating the Zerg leader (not Kerrigan) in a successful ploy to stall for time. Selendis believes in honor whenever possible, not upset at all when the honorable James Raynor beat her in battle, and successfully preventing a Terran mercenary from giving into vengeance. This also shows her compassion, for she championed that Terran's cause when no one else would.  Finally she is very ambitious and longs for Protoss expansion once more, as the quotation in her hero profile shows. 

Her weakness are little shown, but one of them is probably her continued mistrust of the Nerazim (though it is light compared to many other Khalai), which would effect the morale of those troops in her employ. 

- Role: Tactical Commander :See Zeratul, though with an emphasis on Khalai over Dark Templar. Like Zeratul she can of course lead both sides. However she is also noted to be by other Protoss a skilled strategist. 
Hierarch Artanis:

Height: N.A.
Weight: N.A.
Age: 226
Training: 6
Type of Hero Bonus: Morale, Cohesion, Leadership
Role: Inspirational Leadership/Strategic Commander
 "This is Hierarch Artanis, commanding the Shield of Aiur! Our matrix fields are within range! Engaging mass recall! My brethren, hear me, for there is little time left. All that remains of our race, our civilization, are those that stand beside you now. Trust in each other. Strike as one will. Let our last stand burn a memory so bright we will be remembered forever. En taro Tassadar!"
- Artanis at the (hypothetical) last battle
 The Chief Student of Tassadar, Artanis has now become leader of the Protoss people – at an age of only 226 (young for Protoss)! He is both a skilled commander and fighter, bringing with him the massive Shield of Aiur for the rare time that he plans to enter the fray.

Artanis was the commander of Starcraft 1, and now overall leader of the Protoss. He has led countless assaults, both under his own direction and under Tassadar’s guidance, against the Zerg, Terran, even Renegade Protoss and succeeded most of the time. Now he is in for a tougher challenge, as he tries his best to stop the Protoss from collapsing into tribalism.

Loadout :

Ranged:  See Mothership Profile
Defense: See Mothership Profile
Special: See Mothership Profile :Shield of Auir variant: This mothership is far larger, more powerful, and has greater spell-casting energy then other motherships. Will only be deployed if Protoss are severely pressed, and Artanis himself is forced to lead in battle. 

Additional Factors: 
“"For even in these dark days, there is still the hope of morning. That is why we fight."
- Hierarch:  Artanis is the Head of the Hierarchy of the Protoss, and thus will only appear on the battlefield if hard pressed.
-- Experienced Commander: Artanis was the commander in Starcraft 1: Protoss, and has led many actions against the Zerg and Terrain (though beaten Soundly by Kerrigan).
--Unifying Symbol: With the exeption of Tasasadar and to a lesser extent Zeratul Artanis is THE unifying symbol of the Protoss- the Nezarim and the Khalai. The Two sides trust each other but mutually respect him (as well as Zeratul). This means that if he and Zeratul were killed, the two remaining sides would have a hard time coordinating.

- Personality Traits: 

Artanis is a brave and eager individual eager to live up to his hero Tassadar. For a Protoss he is very liberal and willing to try new things if they stand a chance of helping his people. As leader he appears as fair and open, willing to let all have their say, yet when it comes down to it he is firm in his decisions.  As such he is mutually respected by both the Nezarim and Khalai, and is one of the great unifying figures of the Protoss. Though he acknowledges the Dark Times that the Protoss live in, he remains optimistic towards his people’s future.
That said he is sometimes rash or hasty, which has cost him at least one battle (against Kerrigan). Another problem is that, by Protoss terms, he is rather inexperienced (though for Protoss anyone below 500 is inexperienced).  

- Role: 

*Strategic Commander: This character is part of a chain command structure, which is very
common, especially within human-based militaries. As part of a direct hierarchy of leadership, the character determines large decision-making that affects the overall campaign. While the strategic and tactical commanders may not always be exactly recognized by particular authority rank, the structure is still there and recognized. It is Artanis's strategic vision that allows the Daelam to continue to function. 

Inspirational Leader: A commander who is not necessarily a military strategist or tactical analyst but one who serves to inspire the troops. In the most common sense, this would represent a religious leader of some kind or a supportive member of the forces in a side-command. Artanis is important enough to the Protoss that his very name has become a battle cry, though Tassadar commands more respect. 

*and Jacob Ramsay/Rosemary Dahl
Height: 6 + feet (while possessing Jacob Ramsey) 
Weight: N.A.
Age:  Ancient by even Protoss standards (so probably around 800)
  Training: 6 (4 Rosemary, 1 Jake)
Type of Hero Bonus: Knowledge, Psionics
Role: Advisor Zamara was a protoss preserver, a profession open only to those few protoss who have the ability to preserve the memories of all members of their species. After her physical form was destroyed she possessed the body of Jacob Ramsey, a maverick archaeologist who would act as Zamara's host and friend for the rest of the journey. Together with mercenary/friend/love interest Rosemary Dahl they travel to ensure that Zamara's knowledge does not die with them.  
Ranged: AGR-14 Assault Rifles
The Two Terrans, Rosemary and Jake, when forced to fight wield AGR-14 Assault Rifles. Jake is a reluctant user, while Rosemary, a Trained assassin, is far better. The AGR-14 fires at supersonic speeds and makes a very intimidating roar when it does so. It is capable of firing jacketless slugs that can tear through a human body, depleted uranium rounds, and steel tipped anti-personnel rounds, all fired through magnetic acceleration. Ultrasonic pulses capable of stunning enemies can also be fired.

Melee: Rosemary is a competent melee fighter for a Terran, whereas Zamara can match one of the best non-ghost Terran assassins in her area with martial arts, though she eventually had to use  psionics to kill him. 

Defense: None (Zamara can erect a defense by taking control of Jacob, but this risky for him)

Special: Rosemary, Zamara powers

Dahl isextremely intelligent, and is a "jack of all trades". She has demonstrated competence in pistols, shotguns, gauss rifles, unarmed combat, computers, communications and sensor technology, piloting, deception, medicine, command, security, tactics, card games and even warp-jump navigation. Due to her mental contact with Zamara, she has a high degree of understanding of protoss technology

When Zamara takes control of Jake, she can use the following powers. 

- Localized Time Warping (could suspend time around her herself)
-Precognition - she can peer into time and gain glimpses of the future. 
- Energy Ball attacks
- Telepathy and Mental Control
- Telekinesis
- Possess people
- Clear the Body of Toxins

However taking control of Jacob can be dangerous for him, even tumor causing, so Zamara is very cautious when doing so, and will not do it frequently. 

Additional Factors: 

 Advisors have no actual authority. Anything they say has no bearing on the troops being commanded. They have access to intelligence and the commanders within the leadership. They are often highly regarded and leadership would be wise to listen to their council and suggestions. In some cases, commanders rely on their advisors to make strategic, even tactical, decisions. In her past Zamara was the primary adviser of Tassadar, and now she can become so again. Preservers were considered invaluable allies by both the Conclave, the Hierarchy and Tassadar, and she shall resume that role.  

Zamara carries with her the memories of all non- Dark Templar Protoss ; including Khas, Adun, and her own memories of Tassadar. This enables her to be a unique source of knowledge and advice. If Tassadar was to ask her "what would Adun do" she could give him the right answer. This can even result in brand new tactics being used, asuch as when Ramsey taught average Khalai (artisans and scientists with no military background) who were also cut off from the Khala by the evil Ulzeraj, how to create and harness psionic storms to destroy the enemy!
-- Inspirational Presence: Protoss revere the Preservers, and thus when she is close by they fight all the more harder. 
- More then once the clever threesome have managed to outsmart their pursuers, and are quite crafty in and of themselves.  

- Ramsey is extraordinarily good at deciphering puzzles and clues. 

Other Important  (MINOR) Characters:
-Khastiana : Khastiana is one of the greatest Protoss zealots to ever live, and though she has now been transferred to an immortal suit thanks to wounds she is still active and part of a one man army. One of her notable feats was beating an Ultralisk one on one. 
-Nahaan, Tabrenus, Zekrath : The remaining  Hierarchy Members. Nahaan is the most conservative of the bunch and potentially one of the more experienced when it comes to leading, for he comes from the Ara Tribe, which formerly ran the conclave. Tabrenus is very cautious, and is not often in favor of committing forces on foolish adventures. Zekrath mostly gives his opinions based on the past information, for that is his tribe's focal point, and will often yeild future or present decisions to Artanis. 
-Taldarin : Fought alongside Adun (legendary Protoss figure) a millennia ago, and is a legendary Dragoon warrior.

====Light Calvary====


Weapon Type: Particle Disrupter
Armor Type: Plasma shield and Body armor
 Speed: 60+ mph, Teleportation instant
Classification: Teleporting Walker
--Basic Description: The Stalker is the Dark Templar version of the Dragoon . Near or perhaps even beyond death, the “Dark Essences” of the Dark Templar are put into these walkers and used to pilot them, thus providing a staple and easy to produce “second chance” warrior.


 - Ranged: The stalker’s particle disruptor fired antimatter bolts sheathed in psychically charged fields. The anti-matter cancels out with the normal matter that is the target's armor and thus creates a burst of photons that are most likely also damaging to the target. The Dragoon's version- which seems to be slightly more dense and larger then the Stalker's  can completely incinerate a human in a second, pummel heavy armor into jelly and blow up armored structures. The Immortal Variant is likely the most powerful of all three similar units (Dagoon, Stalker, and Immortal).
 - Melee:  Err well they have no in-game melee options per say. However I think that the Walker’s legs are sharp enough to be used as impaling instruments, if pressed. Still the Stalkers will vastly prefer their ranged particle disrupters.
 - Defense:
Plasma Shields:  (see Zealots)
 The Stalkers are built into an armored walker that, while not as heavy as its Dragoon cousin, is still tougher then Zealot armor. However in game it is still classified as “light armor”.
 -Special:  Blink (teleport)
Stalkers have been credited with many fantastic powers since their battlefield début (as early as 2502). However, only one is witnessed consistently: an ability to instantly teleport, or "blink", from one spot to another. This is short ranged to line of sight (or the line of sight of another Protoss unit in the immediate vicinity, who can share information via Protoss telepathy) . While the ability to blink does have a brief “cooldown” period, in which teleportation cannot be used, it is nevertheless an extremely effective move.  Though there are no extensive lore accounts of Stalkers as of yet, here is how players have generally been known to use them

--Ambush: Suddenly and without warning the Stalker squad suddenly appears within an enemy squad’s mix, potentially when they are not alert. In this way they can inflict maximum causalities before fleeing when the fighting gets too hot. Sometimes this is used in massive engagements when the stalkers teleport within enemy lines, forcing the enemy to switch fire and allowing various melee units an easier time to get within range. This would not be a common tactic though.
-- Pursuit: If an enemy is fleeing faster than the Stalkers can move to catch up then a Stalker squad may use its teleportation ability to instantly reappear within firing range of the enemy (provided the enemy is within line of sight range) . This is an effective counter against the fast moving mutalisk.
--Fight From the High Ground: Stalkers may use their teleportation ability to teleport to a higher and more secure ground, giving them terrain advantage.
-- Flight: Should they find themselves pursued or surrounded the stalker may use its short range teleportation to flee.

--Additional Factors:
-Role : Anti-air/vehicle  infantry, ambush, Zealot Support
- Second Chance warrior: These are essentially reincarnated Dark Templars, who carry over experience from their past lives. Thus stalkers are veteran warriors all.
-  Nezarim Traits: Individuality and strong will (see Dark Templar profile)


Weapon Type: Phase Disruptor
Armor Type: Exoskeleton /Plasam Shield
Speed: 40mph (ish), slow
Classification:   Assault Walker
Basic Description:  
Dragoon pilots were generally grievously wounded veteran templars (i.e. high Templars and zealots) retrieved from the battlefield. On occasion, able templar would become pilots.
Selected Protoss were transplanted into the exoskeleton's core. By the time of the Great War the core was a fluid container and the pilot was submerged within. The pilot's mind interfaced directly with the machine through mysterious essence translators with the use of the Khala. The end result was that pilots controlled their exoskeletons as a natural extension of their bodies

Armament: Phase Disrupter (see Stalker- though probably a stronger version)
Defense:  Plasma Energy Shield, Bonded Exoskeleton.
(See Stalker – though bonded exoskeleton of Dragoon likely tougher then Stalker’s)
Special: Singularity Charge
An item that allows the Dragoon to attack from a slightly greater range (though still less then a sniper rifles's range) .
Additional Factors: 

-Reincarnated Warrior: Like the Stalker and Immortal, the Dragoon is a reincarnated warrior and thus has all the training/experience that a zealot/high Templar would have.
- Warrior of the Khalai: Can read and interact with other Khalai mentally, read minds ect.
- Uncommon: Since the end of the Brood War this unit has become much rarer, thanks in part due to the shrine that built it being destroyed, and thanks in part due to the Immortal taking over its role. For purposes of tournament they still have a few Dragoon shrines, but the Immortal is going to be the more popular Khalai version, and thus Dragoons won't be as common as Stalkers (which are very common). 
     (Dragoons can be found in it)

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  1. Dude, excellent profile so far. I'm really liking the protoss here. Damn, they are good, though I'm surprised that the Dark templar were only at a 5.5 for training. Oh well, at least their warp blades are far more powerful than the psionic blades.

    And damn I loved using the stalkers in the game :) The protoss have a lot to offer! Let's see if they beat the Tau!